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Prepare for the photo shoot session


Product photography is a percise job which reqires the right tools, equipment, a greate deal of technichal knowledge and decipline.  How ever, the most significant factor in a successful session is my understandig of your product. In order to achieve a comprehensive perspective, I will ask you to have a chat with me prior to the session and we will go through your vision for the final photos. You can find bellow some of the topics we will talk about:


What is the purpose of photography? You might need the photos for marketing products, your website or just for documentation purposes. This information will help me adjust the final images to your needs.

What is the ambance you prefer?  The background and the setting Defines the ambience of the image. There are several options that you can choose from, depending on the purpose of photo shoot. For example if you want a photo to add to your portfolio with all the existing photos taken on a white background you might prefer the white to maintain the unity of your portfolio. 


Tips to choose the correct background: 


white: Reveals more information about the product. Suitable for catalouges, portfolio or websites.

Black/ Black to gray gradiant: Creates an atractive image. Suitable for magazin adds, websites and other marketing material that             promots your business rather than a specific product.

Pesonalized Background: You can ask me to use different settings to suit your needs. For exammple you can ask me to use sand,           wood or pebbles. This kind of setting, usually helps to tell the storry behind the design of the product. 


Vertical or Horizontal frames? This information will help me focus most of the session on the right frame, so we will get better results. 


 How to Prepare the product for the photoshoot:

The product must be as defultless as you want it too look in the photo. The less retouching in the post process, the better the quality of the result. For examle if you have a ring that must be photographed, check for any scratches and keep in mind that I use a strong Micro lense, so all thosse tiny scraches will look five times bigger. 

After the photo shoot session:

You will receive contact sheets with the best photos of the session to choose from so they can go through post process. this process includes light and colour corrections with a standard retouching. I will ask you to let me khow if you neeeded me to remove any frthur details or if you wanted extra ordinery editing. 

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