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Photography was the first media that I chose as a window that connected me to the word of creativity. After graduating from the university, I realized my interest in product photography and started working as a freelance photographer. Most of my photography experience has been in food and jewellery industry due to personal interest. I enjoy creating attractive images by using different settings with innovative lighting techniques. I feel fulfilled and satisfied when clients use photos taken by me in their websites or as an advertisement in a magazine.

After moving to Australia in 2012, instincts encouraged me to learn a new media that can help express my artistic side in a new way. So I started a jewellery design course in Central institute of technology. My designs usually tell stories from the past or they describe a sudden feeling. Mostly, I use my subconscious as the main source of inspiration. I pull out memories from the back of my mind, add colour, line and texture to them and make them into wearable objects. 

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